Day 2 of Diving

We traded cameras today, so I had the Canon S90 while P has the SLR. His pictures are amazing – he’s really good with lighting and developing. I’ll upload both sets of photos and share them when we have more bandwidth (the resort only has access via satellite, and I didn’t want to hog the bandwidth uploading massive pictures).

Speaking of the resort – the service and logistics are amazing. For approximately 50 guests, there is a staff of 140+. We have constant electricity thanks to two generators and fresh water through a desalinization system. There are folks to feed us, clean after us, fill our tanks, do maintenance and generally take care of us during and after dives. Everything has worked so seamlessly that we didn’t realize what went into running such a remote operation until we took a tour of the resort.

As far as the diving goes, I’m still blown away by the healthy coral (massive corals on each dive), abundance of fish (thanks to conservation efforts of the resort and the local population) and the clear water.