Dive, Eat, Sleep

Our days are basically dive, eat and sleep. Repeat. Somewhere post-dives or pre-breakfast, we edit the pictures that we’ve taken during the dive. It’s 4 boat dives a day (or 3 when we go to Apo Island), so we’ve done 11 dives in 3 days. I’m seeing so much stuff each dive that I’m pushing through the fatigue. I’m dealing with both the camera and the buoyancy control a bit better, so a couple of the pictures in the highlight reel are mine this time.

The folks at Altantis Dumaguete are super nice and helpful. The food is amazing – lunches and dinners are always 3 courses with a main course selection of a local dish, a couple of meat dishes and a vegetarian option. Most people (including Pete) are not hungry, but I wake up starving. Even though I try to move as little as possible on the dive, I’m pretty sure you burn a few extra calories diving/struggling to keep warm.