Do’s Wedding in Seoul

With a 10 hour layover in Austin, I went from Dublin to Korea (DUB-LHR-DFW-AUS-DFW-NRT-ICN). I had a bit of time at London Heathrow, so my coworkers came to the airport for breakfast and pod riding.

The crazy flights weren’t intentional. When my high school/college friend Do called and asked me to attend his wedding in Seoul, the only possible answer was, “Of course.” In the end, it was a small high school and college reunion with folks I haven’t seen in a while.

I never adjusted to the Korean time zone, so my trip consisted of going out, crashing during the day, attending the wedding and going out some more. We made it out sightseeing for just one day.

Dusty. I’ve been to a lot of club nights, but this is the first one sponsored by an automaker. That’s a Lambo to the right of the photobomber.
Regan clubbing the night we landed in Seoul.
Regan waiting for waffles and ice cream.
Avram on the way back from the wedding. We took the subway since it’s much faster than a cab.
The crew at JJ’s/Grand Hyatt after the wedding. Sharon, Regan, Sarah, Do, Sarah’s brother, Dusty.
Avram in a cool neighborhood by the castle
Same cool neighborhood
Dusty and Avram in the castle