Leg 2: LAX – HKG

7,286 miles
14.5 hours

After a 6 hour layover in LAX, we headed out for a 14.5 hour trek in the back of a 747.  (We lucked out and got one of the few doubles on the plane — there was no one next to us, and Pete was able to stretch out in the window + some seat).  Tons of movies/shows, but I tried to sleep most of the way.  I discovered that there was a 7-up series for America, USSR and South Africa. Really interesting since the USSR one includes their lives during and after communism and since the South Africa one starts at the end of apartheid.

Unfortunately, the Garmin couldn’t get signal, so there will be no true Google Earth video of the flights.  We’ll do our best to capture most of the Vietnam cycling trip on the Garmin.

We spent most of yesterday eating and recovering from the flight. Dim sum, noodle shops and bakeries.  I may try to get in a swim so I can eat even more when I’m here (while the gym is really nice, I can’t stand the hamstermill).