Mutianyu Great Wall for Beijing isn’t that great. I didn’t know this when we first got to Beijing. So, I saw the weather forecast and decided that we had to go to the Great Wall the day after we got here. There was a little bit of research and some debate as to which section of the Great Wall we wanted to see (while minimizing car time). We decided on the Mutianyu Great Wall; the option to take a toboggan down made it a no-brainer. 40 seconds in, you’ll see the worker try to slow Pete down as we’ve taken off on a downhill section.

The Great Wall is impressive – built stone by stone centuries ago, high in the mountains, as far as the eye can see. I’m usually not afraid of heights, but I had a bit of vertigo walking up the steep uneven steps. It was one foot in front of the other, hoping I wouldn’t misplace a foot and tumble down the steps.