And we’re packed! The lists have been double-checked, and we’ve stuffed everything into 5 bags. That’s a lot of bags for a month-long trek to Asia, but we’ve managed to pick our two hobbies that require the most gear: scuba diving and cycling. On one hand, I’m happy that we managed to keep ourselves to 5 bags. There was a lot of debate as to how much clothes to bring (we cut it down to the bare minimum) and what scuba gear to bring (in the end, we cut out the bulky and heavy BCDs). On the other hand, I’m not looking forward to lugging these bags through Asia. Most of the bulk is the scuba gear: regulators, 5 mm wetsuits (we get cold with repetitive dives), masks, fins, and underwater camera housings. There’s also some of my cycling stuff I couldn’t do without: bike seat, helmet, pedals, shoes and nutrition.