Tacos in Austin

Bon Appétit wrote up an article on Austin tacos, and for once, I agree [at least with the places I’ve been]. Joe’s Bakery on E 7th has the best breakfast taco. My favorite is the bacon & egg on flour.

I need to try out the rest of the places on the list.

El Niño Winter

Due to El Niño, the 2015-2016 snowboarding season has been spectacular. Some of my memories (before I forget):

  • Finding the Candy Cabin at Beaver Creek
  • Taking 3 days of lessons at Beaver Creek and learning how to surf the side walls
  • Smacking into a tree in the kid’s fun run at Beaver Creek
  • Losing my nerve, and getting stuck in the trees/powder at Heavenly
  • Getting rained/hailed on at Northstar
  • Discovering untouched runs in the trees at Heavenly
  • Buttering in knee-deep snow in Vail’s Back Bowls
  • Looking at the view after hiking up to the summit at Breckenridge. With the steep slopes and lack of air, I thought my heart was going to explode during the hike. All I could do was put one foot in front of the other. After getting to the top, the drop in was a bit scary.
Deciding which line to take at Beaver Creek’s Rose Bowl
View after hiking to the top of Breckenridge’s Peak 6

Bay Area

I’m in the Bay Area for work quite a bit. Every now and then, I make an effort to stay over a weekend and see the sights. (To get on the field at Giant’s stadium, I ran a 10K. I don’t recommend running 10K’s if you haven’t run in 3-4 months.)

On the field at the Giant’s stadium
After the Giant’s Race
Muir Woods
Half Moon Bay

Ireland & London

A week before I left on the trip, 16 inches of rain fell on Austin and flooded the control tower of the airport. Flights the following week were still delayed. After sitting at the airport for one day, I decided I’d rather wait at Dulles for 9 hours than risk another day at AUS. Since the part of the National Air and Space Museum is minutes away from Dulles, I left the airport to check out the museum.

SR-71 Blackbird at the Udvar-Hazy Center by Dulles

My colleagues Judith and Jen took to the opportunity to visit Dublin before heading to Cork. We checked out the Book of Kells exhibit as well as the Jameson distillery. Our train to Cork was boisterous due to a Dublin-Cork rugby (?) match earlier that day.

The library at Trinity College, Dublin

In London, we went to the Ai Weiwei exhibit one evening. I was blown away by his work.

Straight, Ai Weiwei Exhibit
3000 Crabs, Ai Weiwei Exhibit
Bike Chandelier, Ai Weiwei Exhibit
View of Greenland at 35K feet

Singapore, China & Hong Kong

Even though I’ve been to Singapore several times before this trip, this was the first time I had chili crab and black pepper crab in Singapore. The black pepper crab was my favorite.

Singapore Botanical Gardens
Singapore Changi Airport

Believe it or not, this is a picture of fog (not smog) rolling in through Shanghai. Minutes before, the Oriental Pearl Tower was visible.

View of the Grand Hyatt Hotel and Oriental Pearl Tower through the fog
Pan fried soup dumplings at Jia Jia Xiao Long Bao in Shanghai

My colleague Judith and I took the opportunity to visit Hong Kong on our way home. We ate at my friend’s pop-up dinner at the Pawn, went through the mid-level escalators, and went up Victoria Peak.

View from Hong Kong’s Victoria Peak

Former Ottoman Empire: Albania & Istanbul

We booked another tour with Far & Away Cycling, this time to Albania. As it turns out, Turkish Airlines had a massive fare sale for our dates, and the cost to fly from Houston to Tirana to Istanbul back to Houston was only $800! I normally hate flying from Houston (or Dallas), but this fare saved us over $400 per person, so I agreed to make the drive.

The drive to Houston took forever. It rained the whole way. There was a lot of traffic. Ugh. Aside from the drive to Houston, it was a fairly uneventful flight, and I sat next to a young couple on their first trip to Europe.

Day 1

We took a long bus transit out of Tirana and started near the border with Macedonia. Since the previous dictator was paranoid, bunkers littered  the mountainside. We cross the border into Macedonia and had lunch on Lake Ohrid. When we rode around the lake, I got dropped at the climbs and took some photos. I met up with the group again by the split to the monastery and did a short tour with them.

Bunker along Lake Ohrid
Monastery of Saint Naum

We crossed the border back into Albania and stayed at a hotel on the lake.

Lake Ohrid
View of fishermen in the morning

Day 2: Korce

We took an easy ride out of Korce and saw gorgeous farmlands. Just as the tempo picked up, it started to rain and hail. We ducked into the gas station to wait out the storm. As soon as we got started again, another hail storm rolled in. We skipped lunch and did the bonus miles to the monastery in Vostepoje. The roads were rough on the way to the climb and the climbs were steep. I was so glad to get to the top. Since the monastery was closed, we rode back down in the lightening and rain. I loved the disc brakes on the bike.


Day 3: Trout Farm

Of course, there was a long climb out of Korce. After a long downhill to a coffee stop, we did some fast riding to lunch. Being a roadie, I crashed on some bumps going out of town. I cleaned out the rocks while my adrenaline was flowing and got back on the bike. We  went up more climbs with rocky descents and then did a really long climb to the trout farm. I lost my mojo after the crash, so the descents were just brutal. The trout farm was relaxing. It was isolated and quiet, and we had amazing trout for dinner.

Day 4: Benje

As the pattern goes, we climbed out of the trout farm. We saw Armand’s (the ride leader’s) land and then descended through the gorge. It was a crazy bumpy downhill on torn up roads. The scenery was gorgeous, but without my mojo, the descent was hell.

We did the extra mileage to go to the Greek border and time trialed to catch up with the other folks. We did sprint attacks on the way back. At the much needed coffee stop, we chatted with some Belgians. They were quite surprised Americans were biking around Albania. We climbed more hills with rough roads to Benje. There, we had an amazing lunch with roasted lamb.

That afternoon, we biked to the hot springs with more rough road. Instead of getting into warm water, I hiked through river bed and soaked my legs in cold water.


Day 5: Girocaster

The group started the day riding together until our coffee stop at Permet. After coffee, the pace picked up,  and I learned to downshift on rough roads to add some power and smooth out the ride. We rode through a gorgeous valley and picked up honey at the lunch stop. The ride to Girocaster was rainy with dreadful headwinds. I tucked into a pace-line until the steep climb into Girocaster. After cleaning up, we toured an old house and castle and sat at the city corner for “happy hour.” The dinner was incredible with melted cheese and sweet pumpkin byrek.

Some fisheye fun atop the Girocaster castle
In an American fighter plane atop Girocaster castle (scarf and sunglasses added later)

Day 6: Sirande (coastal town)

Of course, the group did the extra mileage to the start with a flat, tailwind assisted ride to the climb. The climb was long, yet doable. I caught up to Janice, and found out her competitive nature. The descent was winding, but fun.

We took a short ferry to Butrint, and toured the grounds. After lunch, we had a long, undulating climb and descent. I pulled my companions into Sarande and promptly got lost. We finally found hotel. I felt a bit of overtraining at dinner and went to bed.

View of Corfu from Butrint
View from hotel room at Sarande

Day  7: Hiram

I took the first climb out of Sirande a bit hard. At the coffee stop in the mountains, a sweet old lady patted my head and talked to me. I clearly had no idea what she was saying. After the stop, we took it really easy. Roman left his camera on the side of the road and had to go back for it at lunch. After Roman found his camera on the side of the road (!), we toured the Venetian fortress.

When we finally arrived in Haram, it was hot. I quickly changed into bathing suit and headed to the beach. The beach was a bit rocky, but the water was nice and cold.

Day 8: Vlore

We climbed out of Himare and then started a steep climb. I caught up with Janice, and we stopped at the gorgeous overlook coffee shop. We climbed through the town and wondered when the climb of the day started. When we rounded the corner, we saw the climb above us. We climbed, climbed, and climbed. It started sprinkling on us, and I got cold. At the top, I took as selfie with Janice. Armand arrived and took us through the cold descent. At lunch, I could barely warm up, and I seriously thought about jumping into the car for the rest of the day. I soldiered on. When Janice decided to stop to put up her hood, I went on and ended up riding the rest of the way into Vlore by myself. The hotel was isolated resort on the water with nice beach chairs. I spent the afternoon in the sun relaxing

Day 9: back to Tirana

We took a brutal bus transport back to Tirana and hung out at the hotel. I had Merlut (small fish) for dinner and went to the Brauhaus with Adriene, Bob and Roman to close out the trip.


We saw the touristy sights in Istanbul: Topkapi Palace, Hagia Sophia, Blue Mosque, Grand Bazaar, Spice Bazaar, and Bosphorus cruise. My favorite memories were eating: breakfasts in a dive joint and fresh sour cherry and pistachio Turkish delight.


Hagia Sophia
Topkapi Palace


The Berkshire Hathaway Annual Meeting had been on my bucket list  for some time. So, we booked tickets and headed to Omaha. The audience was a fascinating mix of nationalities, and I was surprised Warren Buffet and Charlie Munger answered questions for so long.

Invest in Yourself 5K
State line

Park City & Colorado

Utah didn’t get great snow during the 2014-2015 snowboarding season. That said, Canyons resort was gorgeous, and I’d love to come back one day.

The Aspens at Canyons, Utah

During the UT Alumni trip to Colorado, I learned why folks go through the trees and about Vail’s Back Bowls. My poor snowboard …

Cassie skiing into Vail’s Sun Down Bowl



We booked tickets to Hawaii to attend a wedding that didn’t happen. Since we had never been, we went on the trip anyway. Some of  memories:

  • Learning how to surf in Maui, and then spending all of our time in Honolulu surfing at Waikiki Beach.
  • Driving along the Big Island’s southern coast. We went from lava fields to lush coast to volcano to rainforest.
  • Snorkeling with the manta rays in Kona.
  • Watching part of the Ironman World Championships.
Sunset at the Black Rock, Maui
Ka Lae, Hawaii Island (Southernmost point of US)


Singapore & China

My friend Kathleen and I were in Singapore at the same time, so it somehow made sense for both of us to do an open water swim event. She swam the full 4K while I opted for an 800m swim.

Singapore Swim Stars open water swim
View of the Singapore Gran Prix track
Inside Shanghai’s Oriental Pearl Tower
Doing the jump at the Oriental Pearl Tower

At the end of the trip, my colleague Judith and I opted to take the bullet train from Shanghai to Beijing. We spent most of our time shopping, but we did manage to squeeze in a trip to the Badaling Great Wall and the Ming Tombs.

Badaling Great Wall