Tacos in Austin

Bon Appétit wrote up an article on Austin tacos, and for once, I agree [at least with the places I’ve been]. Joe’s Bakery on E 7th has the best breakfast taco. My favorite is the bacon & egg on flour.

I need to try out the rest of the places on the list.

El Niño Winter

Due to El Niño, the 2015-2016 snowboarding season has been spectacular. Some of my memories (before I forget):

  • Finding the Candy Cabin at Beaver Creek
  • Taking 3 days of lessons at Beaver Creek and learning how to surf the side walls
  • Smacking into a tree in the kid’s fun run at Beaver Creek
  • Losing my nerve, and getting stuck in the trees/powder at Heavenly
  • Getting rained/hailed on at Northstar
  • Discovering untouched runs in the trees at Heavenly
  • Buttering in knee-deep snow in Vail’s Back Bowls
  • Looking at the view after hiking up to the summit at Breckenridge. With the steep slopes and lack of air, I thought my heart was going to explode during the hike. All I could do was put one foot in front of the other. After getting to the top, the drop in was a bit scary.
Deciding which line to take at Beaver Creek’s Rose Bowl
View after hiking to the top of Breckenridge’s Peak 6

Bay Area

I’m in the Bay Area for work quite a bit. Every now and then, I make an effort to stay over a weekend and see the sights. (To get on the field at Giant’s stadium, I ran a 10K. I don’t recommend running 10K’s if you haven’t run in 3-4 months.)

On the field at the Giant’s stadium
After the Giant’s Race
Muir Woods
Half Moon Bay