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Bay Area

I’m in the Bay Area for work quite a bit. Every now and then, I make an effort to stay over a weekend and see the sights. (To get on the field at Giant’s stadium, I ran a 10K. I don’t recommend running 10K’s if you haven’t run in 3-4 months.)

On the field at the Giant’s stadium
After the Giant’s Race
Muir Woods
Half Moon Bay


The Berkshire Hathaway Annual Meeting had been on my bucket list  for some time. So, we booked tickets and headed to Omaha. The audience was a fascinating mix of nationalities, and I was surprised Warren Buffet and Charlie Munger answered questions for so long.

Invest in Yourself 5K
State line

Halloween Weekend in Dublin

Dublin tourist center
Samuel Beckett bridge over the River Liffey

Vegas, Roman and I flew to Dublin for Halloween, and I spent most of the time hanging out with my friend Vjera. The locals were all immigrants to Dublin, and it was a good time. Vegas and I ran the full marathon in costume (cowgirls). Every few hundred meters, I heard, “Well done” or “Go cowgirl.”

After a summer of traveling and bailing on long runs, I still managed a 16-minute marathon PR at 4:22:58. Now, I’m convinced that I respond to intense workouts better than volume and that races should be done in costume when possible.

Hat swap at club in city center

Everyday is a Saturday

Wow. It’s beginning to really hit me that I am quitting my job. It’s really nice that I’m sleeping away a Sunday afternoon, and it doesn’t matter – there’s nothing that I’m rushing to do tomorrow. Once I get some pesky tasks done (scheduling appointments, expense reports) and once I plan the trips, I won’t have anything I need to do. It’s scary and liberating. Thank goodness Pete (and for 3 weeks his brother Ed) are taking time off too.

I’ll do my best to divide my blogs into travel and training, but I train enough so that it gets incorporated into travel. While my first stops in Chicago were Portillo’s and Lou Malta’s for hot dogs and pizza, my first (and only activity so far) has been a 20 mile run down the lake shore.