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Tacos in Austin

Bon Appétit wrote up an article on Austin tacos, and for once, I agree [at least with the places I’ve been]. Joe’s Bakery on E 7th has the best breakfast taco. My favorite is the bacon & egg on flour.

I need to try out the rest of the places on the list.

Thursday Night Pain Cave

I’m a bit behind on posting photos, but this has been my Thursday Night Pain Cave (when I’m in town and able to get away from work). 30 mins at a minimum of 20 beats above threshold. Just trying to keep up with the pack for now, and hoping to make the sprints by later this summer. Numbers below are for the speed loop from last night.

Velossimo Training Camp

During the Velossimo team training camp in Fredericksburg, I got in an early morning ride and then spent some time in the P12 follow car. Pretty interesting experience – I learned a lot about cycling while practicing photography. I saw first hand:

“It never gets easier, you just go faster.”

East Austin

I’m back in Austin for a length of time, and I finally went around taking pictures of the graffiti and murals painted on the walls of the East Side. I like the character it gives to this part of town.