Da Lat to Nha Trang

GObama! It would have been amazing to mill about downtown Chicago to celebrate this historic win.

However, the ride from Da Lat to Nha Trang was epic. The plan was to ride about 15km out of Da Lat, do 41km in undulating hills in a national forest, descend 30km in the national forest and then ride another 20km towards Nha Trang.

The national forest had towering pine trees, amazing valleys with pockets of fog. Lots of long climbs, and gorgeous views. The sprinkling turned into a harsher, colder rain, and I was miserable. I climbed into the bus and thought I was done.  So the bus decended 3500 ft over 20 km (smelt lots of brake) and stopped to let us descend. So, I climbed back onto the bike and rode another 20km. Holy cows – around each bend descending into the valley, there were more and more amazing views. At the end of the ride, I looked back and saw the ‘moutain’ that I climbed up and descended down.  This ride was so amazing, I would like to return one day and do it during the dry season. (It ended up being 4000 ft of climbing over 48 miles.)

On a side note, during a wicked descent, Roman caught a patch of oil and took a nasty spill. He’s ok to ride, just lots of road rash.

Corrected link to our photos here.