Day 3 of Diving

I got the SLR again today and tried P’s advice. It’s amazing how one photo can make my day.

I spent a lot of the first two dives of the day frustrated with my buoyancy and too afraid to take shots. Lots of negative thoughts ran through my head during the dives:

  • I have too much or too little weight
  • There’s too much coral in the way so I can’t get into position
  • I’m cold
  • There’s too much current
  • I’m never going to take good shots like P.

When I had these, I’d look away from the camera eyepiece and at the reef itself. The fish highways (a school of fish all swimming in the same direction) or the sheer number of fish reminded me that I’m pretty lucky to dive here. I finally calmed down during the last dive on the house reef, and I got my best shots there. The house reef (reef where the resort is located) is the best I’ve seen.