First few days in Vietnam

I woke up super early this morning in hopes of getting any news results regarding the election. The states can’t be called until the polls are officially closed and we head out on our bikes at 7:30 AM, so I won’t find out until later today. Our tour is composed of folks from around the world (only 4 from the US), and most are very aware of our election. It’s interesting that there are parties around the world for expats to watch the results.

The trip started with a warm-up ride to the Cu Chi Tunnels on Monday on very flat terrain.  The kids along they way were really cute and enthusiastic with their “Hellos.”  The tunnels themselves are an amazing feat of engineering in a low tech situation. Pretty claustrophobic. They also show some crazy determination – around 60,000 people lived inside the tunnels during the war.

Tuesday was a good cycling day.  we did 15 miles through the hills of Da Lat with a mile long hill that started with a steep grade.  Pete did the whole hill without stopping for a rest! The climate and the hills were just gorgeous.  The climate reminds me of the Bay Area.

Confirmed with the guide – most of the Vietnamese come home for Tet (Lunar New Year). About 300,000 Viet Kieu came back just for Tet last year.