Have Passport, Will Travel

I’ve spent a bit of time on the road lately, and I’m glad to be home for some time. Here are some things I learned the last few months that may help you out with international travel

  1. Unlocked GSM cell phone. In most places overseas, you can pick up a pre-paid SIM, and the convenience often outweighs the cost. My rule of thumb has been a two week minimum stay if it requires any effort. If you really like your GSM phone, you can unlock it so you don’t have a learn a new phone interface. I was able to get my HTC Aria unlocked by the folks at freeyourhtc.com (Quality Product Source). I think you can find cheaper unlock codes on ebay.
  2. Capital One credit card (or credit card that doesn’t charge international fees). Make sure you pay it off monthly as the rates are horrible.
  3. Spare passport photos. This one is a bit less important, but some places require passport photos for the simplest of things – like getting a SIM card in India. Far easier to get them done ahead of time.
Bon Voyage!
(removed HSBC account, which charges 3% on non-Premier accounts.)