More Travel Tips

I’m jetlagged and waiting for breakfast, so some more travel tips that I’ve picked up.

  • If your hotel room requires a key in a slot to turn on the lights – any card (or a piece of cardboard) will work. You should be able to use old key cards. I believe in turning off the lights, but sometimes I want to keep the lights/computer on if I’m headed to the gym for a bit.
  • Colgate Wisp “toothbrushes.” They don’t require rinsing or spitting, and you can give yourself a quick brush in your plane seat. (I think it’d also be awesome in T2 of an Iron-distance triathlon.)
  • Global Entry. If you do a lot of international travel and you live in the US, it may be worth your while to apply for the Global Entry pass. You basically get to breeze through the Global Entry quick-entry (and get your family to the front of their respective lines) at immigration.
  • TripIt. Website, iphone, blackberry and android apps. Forward your itinerary and TripIt parses the information. Great to organize multiple friends traveling or even for your own travels. Just use the free version. (iPhone and Blackberry get AMEX integration)
  • For packing and security tips, just watch Up in the Air.

One thought on “More Travel Tips”

  1. You can usually stick a bit of cardboard in as well. I don’t like to leave the key in there as I’ve more than once walked out without it…

    Tripit also has a blackberry app. It was started by a colleagues husband at IBM when we were travelling a lot so it was easier to keep up with where she was…

    Sending the email is a breeze, but if you’ve got a corporate AMEX account and use AMEX for travel you don’t even need to forward the emails…

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