Sometimes, It’s the Gear

I’m a big believer in it’s the user and not the gear. This is particularly true in cycling and triathlon, and often in photography. Above water, we often don’t use the limits of the simple gear that we have. Unless I’m using a special lens, I couldn’t tell the difference between the S90 and the SLR in daily shots.

Underwater, there is a huge difference between the two. The speed and sharpness of the SLR+100mm lens makes the difference between in and out of focus.

To keep thing’s interesting, I borrowed Ed’s fish eye lens to mount atop the S90 housing. The mount wasn’t made for this particular housing, so you’ll see some vignetting. I like the effect, so I kept it where possible.

Ed, Pete’s brother
Pufferfish at a cleaning station. The cleaner fish are swimming through the mouth/gills of the puffer to remove parasites and other junk.