Summary Cycling Thoughts

In 8 riding days, I rode 368 miles with 30,578 feet of climbing. I had a great time riding in Slovenia  and Croatia this week, and I highly recommend Far & Away Cycling to folks who like low-frills traveling and lots of climbs.

Some things I learned this week:

  • Churches are often on top of a hill.  Makes for very scenic pictures.
  • It’s not just the mileage or the number of feet climbed, the gradient along the way can also soften your legs.
  • The climbing here can be like Austin hills, except they don’t stop for miles. However, even a quarter mile can still be a long way to climb.
  • The percentage, switchback, and snowflake signs mean more pain and suffering to come.
  • The “right way” usually involves a climb.
  • Here, people don’t create the segments – Strava creates them for you.